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Gas per auto in Germania


Se viaggi in auto in Germania
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Pneumatici da neve obbligatori
Auto in Germania
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Premessa importante: esistono gas diversi per cui occorre controllare che si parli di quello giusto.

La lista seguente viene in parte da

Gli innesti delle pompe GPL tedesche possono differire da quelli italiani

24/7 service…

From the Autogas-Fahrzeug Forum

  • I’ve been said that customers in Germany must have a Special Card in order to refuel 24/7.
    Is it true? Where could I find infos about it? - 14 Dicembre 2006 10:27:45
    • Depends on the station. The stations on the highways and those integrated with regular petrol fueling stations (like ARAL, Shell,…) are often 24/7 or similiar. The small LPG only stations located at car dealers and garages are opened mostly Monday till Friday during working time. At the latter ones you can get a customer card, but that will be valid only for this one station, not for whole Germany, and you have to get it during the opening times.
      So if you just want to travel through during the night or weekend times, look for 24/7-stations at They might be a bit more expensive, but anyway much cheaper than petrol. If you travel regularly, then look at the stations on your way and ask them for a customer card, but be prepared that not everyone will give it to foreign customers, as billing might be difficult for them.
      By the way, the bigger stations almost always accept cash and Maestro cards, most times also credit cards like Mastercard and Visa.
      Daniel Ridders - - 14 Dicembre 2006 11:12:59