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3 D recyclable circular polarized glasses used as photographic filter

3D glasses make an interesting polarizing device

The test

Just out of curiosity, I quickly tested some single-use polarized 3D eyewear made by MasterImage: such devices are usually given free of charge (or sold for a nominal price) as you enter 3D cinemas. Basically, they are a couple of properly oriented right- and left- circular polarizers.

How I did it

By handhelding glasses in front of the camera, and under available kitchen artificial light, I shot a couple of pictures.
An old copy of the National Geographic was shot with and without 3D glasses, in order to demonstrate how polarizer filters are useful to cut unwanted reflections.
Nothing special, one may say.
Stunningly interesting, I would add: a very useful polarizer filter is there at no cost.
Please compare the images, shot with and without the glasses in front of the lens.

Polarizer filters are useful to cut unwanted reflections

© Polarizer filters are useful to cut unwanted reflections

The cheapest polarizer filter you can get today

If you take the glasses and place them reversed (the outer side of the glass towards you) in front of your camera lens, you have a highly effective polarizer filter, which can double as a simple ND filter in case of need. Of course no super quality is expected out of such an arrangement: more than enough for having fun, this is sure!

What if you need a serious polarizing filter?

Chances are that you will get in love with polarizing filters. There is a sort of magic in such filters: they can help you attain unique results in photography. There is no way cheat with Photoshop retouching afterwards: either you shoot with a polarizer, or you don’t.
Once you decide to use a polarizer, it is wise to choose a quality one. We suggest you give a look at Adorama polarizing filters choice. Why Adorama?

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