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Camera bag color guide

Best Photography Camera Bag Colors

CourierWare Incognito Camera Bag

Look at this bag: would you guess it is made to safely carry your photo gears?
Incognito Camera Bag is crafted by CourierWare: it comes in many colors and sizes, along with handle, removable waist-strap, additional padded dividers and a lot of other customizations.

It does not look like standard a camera bag, does it?

While there is a rich list of good camera bag manufacturers and an enormous range of models around, a lot of people are still hesitant about the best color for their camera bag.
It seems a small issue, yet it is worth to think about it: it does make a difference.

Black is the colour…

Most photography bags are black, which is a safe choice if you want to be spotted as a clumsy tourist anywhere you go: large black bags are prime targets for swarm of thieves of any age, anywhere in the world, from New York to Cairo, from London to Buenos Aires. If you are really carrying valuable gears inside your bag, don’t go for a black one, or be prepared to be preyed upon by virtually any plunderer at hand.

Black not only attracts thieves but sun rays as well: just leave your bag in the summer sunlight for a while, and it will surely turn into an hot little oven for your plastic (do you really think camera bodies and lenses are made out of metal, today?) equipment, not to mention memory cards, image sensors and the like.
My own Nikon D90 camera has a suggested operating environment of 0–40°C/32–104°F, while heat inside a black bag left under the summer sunlight easily reaches twice that level.
I do not know you, but I would rather keep my gears at milder temperatures.

Which is the best color for a photographic bag?

No answer is the right one, unless you know who is going to use the bag and how the bag is going to be used.

In case you are a lady, I have a specific page on smart and trendy camera bags for women which you might like. Such bags do not look like camera bags: they just look like regular bags, which is a nice feature indeed.

As a general rule, most camera bags come in a few standard colors, which are black and sand/khaki. But you can easily find bag colors which range from any shade of gray to army/leaf/grass/whatever green, blue, red, and virtually any color on earth.

The lighter the better

A very light color, possibly white, would be much better.
Opposite to black, white seems to be a safe choice for hauling valuable gears: only a small percentage of people would guess you are carrying cameras inside a white bag.
Next to pure/almost white, these are some of the best colors for camera bags: they are all different shades of sand and khaki colours.


Dark khaki

Light khaki

Pantone khaki


Something more on the matter can be found at our forum.

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