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Fashionable camera bags for women

Lady photographer best camera bags

Janine King Camera Bag

Janine King Camera Bag

Girls like bags

What is the best average camera you can consider for a present to a lady?
Well, unless she is already involved in photography, a compact camera could be a good choice, and we would also venture to suggest a compact camera with viewfinder.

But what if she has a camera already?
What would be a nice and useful present?
A camera bag!

There is a small issue, though.
Camera bags are designed for men: they are bulky, square, probably practical but definitely ugly.

Here is a list of the best high quality camera bags, in case you need.

Ladies deserve a specially designed camera bag

Epiphanie Camera Bag

Epiphanie Camera Bag

We have selected for you some of the finest photographic bag brands for ladies:

Bags in this selection have proper foam padding and camera compartment dividers, which are usually (although not always) set in place by stitched velcro fasteners.

There are a few reasons for such bags to be interesting and appealing: not only they are stylish but also they are discreet. Nine times out of ten nobody would guess that there is valuable photographic gear inside.
Such a disguise means that you can more safely travel and walk around, as well as more likely act unnoticed. Never forget that a lot of people perceive photographers as dangerous subjects, and actively try to impede, stands in the way of, or holds up their work. The more inconspicuous and ordinary you look, the better it is.

We also have a short thread on our forum that you might want to read.

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