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Reflections can play a key role in composition

Most people think that working with reflections might add to any flat, abused or boring subject.
Which is certainly true.
Thus, although seemingly trivial, this is the first reason for you to explore reflections of all kinds in your photos.

The other way round is true, as well: reflections do require simple, straightforward subjects.
The very fact that you are going to multiply the items in your frame means that there is a risk of overdoing things and clutter your pictures. This much depends on the specific image, of course, but, as a general rule, start with plain and clean subjects first.
Mind also that the surface which generates the reflection, its shape, texture, and distinguishing characteristic become part of subject itself.

Mirrors are not the only source of beautiful reflections.
Reflections can occur in water, glass, metals, plastic and any other shiny surface.
Often you will find sources of reflections in the most humble, casual and insignificant corners of your world. Do not forget to look close into little objects, which often offer a wealth of hidden treasures.

Reflections shift your eye and mind to a whole new dimension: you can still tell what the subject is supposed to be, but you are immersed in a much wider experience at the same time.

Reflections are now and again used in pictures just like alliterations can be used in writing: a way to stress and underline the subject itself and its relation with what is around it. As such, you can rely on this stylistic device to connect, harmonize and unify the most diverse bits of your scene.

If you haven’t explored reflections with much depth yet, it is now the right moment to take the plunge into them.

Examples of interesting composition in reflection photography

You will find here some very interesting images in which reflections are an important (or, we should say, fundamental) part.
We suggest that you too eagerly look for any unforeseen chance to get a reflection into your next pictures.

Boat on a Wiltshire canal - England — photo by Gillie

Boat on a Wiltshire canal - England ©Gillie

Reflections and shadows of people and building — Photo by jef safi

Photo ©© jef safi

Naked trees reflection — Photo by squeeger

Photo ©© squeeger

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  1. By aileen, on June 29, 2010, at 08:35 AM
    Great images you have here! Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting!
  2. By bee, on February 01, 2011, at 05:52 PM
    This is so true! I love photos with reflections and within my bookmarks there’s a folder just with reflections!
    To me it’s a great idea to take a photo only of the reflection and then turn the image upside down. Sometimes it takes people some seconds to “get it”.
    May I show you an example of it?
  3. By kirpi, on February 03, 2011, at 05:57 PM
    Nice picture of yours, Birgit!
    But why have you disabled downloading it from flickr? It just makes displaying it bigger size more complicated. If you set it free again, I will post it bigger for you here, which will definitely result in a much nicer view ;-)
  4. By bee, on February 04, 2011, at 11:26 AM
    Hey kirpi,
    thanks for showing my photo! Actually, I think I haven’t disabled the download and I can’t find it in the settings to change it… -.- sorry


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