Photography Tips

Shorten your learning curve and enhance your pictures with creative ideas and simple technical tricks

Weronika — Photo by Dominik Golenia Photo communities list
They are all different from each other and there is a lot to discover.

Canon G12 Best compact cameras with optical viewfinder
You will find them all here.

Morning at Glacier National Park Frame your picture
Make a practice of framing anything you find interesting, anytime.

Reciprocity failure in digital photography Reciprocity failure in digital photography
Digital sensors do not suffer from reciprocity failure, yet…

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Camera bags for women
The best camera bags
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How to avoid flare
How to avoid lens flare
in photographs

Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos


Picture CompositionImage composition
Learn the most powerful way to train your visual skill. Start now!

Point of View
Always shoot your photographs from the right position.

Free alternatives to Photoshop
Picture editing and photo retouching resources.

Macro Photography
Easy tutorials for beginners from simple compact to DSRL cameras.

Sell Your Pictures
Earn extra money out of your hobby: learn how-to.

Ernst Haas
Master of evocative color photography, and more…