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Selling stock photography online

Earn extra money out of your pictures

Having your photographs published in books and magazines anywhere in the world can surely be a reward in itself.
But, wouldn’t you also wish to sell your pictures and earn some real money out of your photo efforts?
Well, I have good news for all of you looking for a way to get rewards for their photographs.

Sure! You can sell your photographs!

Digital photography, when coupled with a proper use of the internet, can help you attain one of the most common dreams of many photographers: selling pictures.

Finding customers, dealing with them, providing them with the right images, having them to pay the bill, they are all tough tasks. Ok, in case you wonder if and when specific prices fit or not some of your photographic work, you might want to register and take part to the Shakodo free photographic community devoted to the photo pricing matter. But again there are so many issues involved in actually selling photographs, that my personal advice is to concentrate into shooting good and creative pictures and leave the rest to people and agencies specialized in the commercial side of the business.

The (micro)stock market

Girl shooting photo

©Alex Lom

Basically, all you do is shooting and uploading your best photographs to a stock or microstock agency website.
Once they sell your picture, you get your share.
Easy and straightforward.
Images can sell years after you upload them, and often will sell more than once. Sort of a flywheel: you’ll get revenues even when you stop making photographs.

Let’s make it clear, though: real stock photography is still a closed market, entering into which requires commitment, high visual attitudes and consistent photographic skills.
So, if you wish to start making some money with your photos, microstock photography companies (accepting images from amateurs and hobbyists) could be a better chance. Do not dream to earn significant revenues licensing images as microstock: this is unlikely.
Instead, think of it as a way to morally reward you, make your photography profitable, and perhaps let your hobby pay for itself.

Start now by giving a through look at my tips and tricks for better selling your pictures to the stock.

Place your images in photo archives

While not comprehensive (and in no specific order), this stock and microstock photo agencies list offers some of the best names in the market.


Give them a through look and feel free to leave your comments here below.

But then again, if your are out to shoot images for the stock market, I suggest you read my page devoted to the best tips for shooting stock photos that sell.


  1. By Bert, on May 11, 2011, at 02:04 AM
    What about shareapic?
  2. By kirpi, on May 11, 2011, at 10:14 AM
    Well Bert, all that glitters is not gold.
    Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their contacts, friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid. It looks even too easy and promising a way to monetize your photos online. Yet, as I said, all that glitters is not gold. While you might want to try it uploading copies of your pictures (never ever trust online archiving), I suggest that you read their terms of service twice before signing up. All in all, you can make much better money selling your photos through stock or micro-stock services.
    And, if you want to make fun, you can also consider Zazzle or create some appealing books on Blurb.
  3. By Bert, on May 11, 2011, at 09:42 PM
    And what about
  4. By kirpi, on May 11, 2011, at 11:37 PM
    Same as shareapic ;-)
    Sort of, that is.
    Not a real way to make money with your pictures: stick to the stock market, instead.


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