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Reaching an amazing point of view by means of Superclamp and Magic Arm

Photography Rigging Manfrotto Superclamp and Magic Arm

Image shot from a challenging point of view

©Chase Jarvis Image shot from a challenging point of view

Choosing the right point of view is one of the key issues in photography composition, an issue that you can successfully and creatively deal with by coupling a Super Clamp with a Manfrotto Magic Arm: you get a very useful gripping tool which enables you to shoot pictures from the most uncommon and daring standpoints and angles.

Super Clamp (made by Manfrotto but sold also as Bogen, Arri or other brand names worldwide) is a sturdy, solid, absolutely tenacious piece of gear any photographic studio knows well: it can be used in so many different ways, and it can rig cameras, lights, backgrounds, objects and about anything on earth, reliably.Manfrotto Superclamp

Watch the video below and discover how useful this tool can be. I own a lot of superclamps, and suggest that you give it a try, definitely.
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Manfrotto Magic Arm

Magic Arm is another awesome piece of gear by Manfrotto. In the video below you’ll be astonished by its ease of use: the center lever locks all 3 movements of the articulated arm.

Manfrotto is known as one of the most long-lasting, versatile and well-designed tripod, clamps, and rigging devices manufacturer for any photographic need (and beyond) around. The Manfrotto catalog ranges from the most basic to the most advanced products available to the professional photographer.
Next to reliability, one of the key point in Manfrotto production is full interoperability and modularity between all the Manfrotto tools. Spare parts are available in case of need, while the average life of Manfrotto gears span for longer than the life of the average photographer.

The Magic Arm, along with a Superclamp, is a fantastic solution for rigging your camera both outdoors and indoors.
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©Chase Jarvis

If you are looking for a way to frame interesting pictures, or you just want to carry something less bulky than your tripod, you should definitely get this stuff. Buy it from Amazon, B&H or Adorama

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